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Morning sunshine…. 15/06/2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — zeraa @ 10:07

Morning everybody. Today I’m doing nothing at all… Okey almost nothing. Need to put all the clean clothes in the drawers and do some cleaning. Tristan and Vinga are running around, playing, screaming and laughing. Liv is at pre-school and Tula is sleeping. And I’m really bored today, and angry cause nothing ever gets to be good. My sister is not allowed to come here this summer, and that sucks BIG-time. Thomas is not getting hired now and needs to  wait another 3 months before he might be.  I would really need some positive news right now. Gaaah.

Well, plan for today is to read a bit, clean a bit, fix some lunch, get the kids to sleep, read some more and then play in the park. I think I need to go to bed like 8pm cause Vinga and Tula have not been cooperating this night so I’m TIRED! =)



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