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Right…. 26/10/2009

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Well, I know that I havn’t written in ages. And I know you guys miss it. So… I’m gonna give it a try today. Still obsessed with my books and novels so nothing new there. Yesterday a saw a film with Rob Pattinson, The Haunted Airman… Weirdest film ever =) But I kind of liked it.  Today, my plan is to see another of his films, Little Ashes. He plays Salvador Dali so I bet the film is going to be interesting.

Monday today so the kids have been to pre-school of course.. and after lunch we took a trip to SKHLM. I actually manage to find myself a new shirt… Really nice.

Next month I’m gonna order a pair of Uggs as well, just found the cutest once and became in love immediately.

And now I have to run back to pre-school for a meeting. I will try to update later about it.



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