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Busy-busy-busy…. 31/08/2009

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That’s for sure, I’ve been busy all day I think =). Left the kids at pre-school at 8am and then took a walk to SKHLM. Needed to buy a new mop. When we got home I wiped the floor in the kitchen and did the dishes. Made lunch for the kids when they got home as well. And during the whole afternoon I’ve been doing the laundry and fixed a lot of other stuff at home. And now, the kids are asleep, everything is clean. I cant help feeling satisfied. Now I got a few hours to just think about myself before going to bed. And I’m starting right now. Gonna bring myself a cup of tea and start watching “How to be”  See you tomorrow!

Bye bye


2 Responses to “Busy-busy-busy….”

  1. Nanna Says:

    Det låter som att du har haft en härlig dag trots att du har haft mycket att göra 🙂 skicka det där mailet när du känner att du har ork och tid, tänker på dig gumman.

  2. Nanna Says:

    Emma gumman, jag saknar dina uppdateringar 🙂
    Hoppas du får tid o lust att skriva snart igen *kramar*

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