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Clean-oholic!! 30/08/2009

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That’s me today indeed. Been cleaning everything. The windows, curtains, all doors and even the skirting-boards. Now I only have a bit of laundry left and then the floors. And it feels so nice to smell the clean air in here =)
The kids spent all morning in the park playing with daddy.. So it was easy to clean today =)

I have been thinking a lot at the things I wrote yesterday. And I do feel a little bit better today,  even though its hard, I WILL do this my way.  I know it will take time but I will change everything so I can have the life I want!  Wish me luck!



One Response to “Clean-oholic!!”

  1. Nanna Says:

    Du vet att jag håller på dig gumsan, vad det än gäller.
    Skönt med ett rent hem, det va längesen det lukta rent här hemma, haha

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