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Damn! 27/08/2009

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Got bad news today…  They´ve changed the rules at preschool.. Now we can´t decide when we want the kids to be there any more… We have only two options. Either 8-11 or 12-15 everyday.. no more 9-14 three days a week =/ And that sucks to be honest.

Well.. guess we just have to endure it.

Tomorrow will be the day for some serious cleaning. Its about time =) And Liv has been talking about cupcakes all day so I think we will be baking as well. Might be fun although I´m not “allowed” eating them myself. =)

Hmm… think I´m heading for bed actually. Tired as hell. I little bit of reading first as always. But I only got 200 more pages left then I´m done with all four books. =/ Its almost sad.



One Response to “Damn!”

  1. Nanna Says:

    Åh va trist att dom ändrar era tider på dagis, förstår att det känns tufft. Här har vi haft tur så ungarna går 9-14 varje dag. Normalt har man 20 timmar att dela upp som man vill, men har man syskon på samma dagis så får man 5 timmar extra.
    Hoppas era muffins blev goda 🙂

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