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Monday… 24/08/2009

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Well, monday it is…. or it probably would be more correct to say was…almost over now as it is.

The day started out pretty good actually. I coloured my hair, so now it is sort of chestnut-reddish. Really like the colour though. What more…did some laundry and cleaned the kids room while they where out playing with dad. And of course I got stuck in the book for a while as well.

And now the kids are asleep, a cup of tea waiting for me….silence. I like it even more when I think about how noisy the days are. But that’s the way it is having kids, and I love it. =)

Bye for now….



One Response to “Monday…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice 😀 Med ny hårfärg och lite tyst egen tid. Hur går det med projekt Dalarna? Puss

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